Mayor Andrew Kotyuk


Councilman Kotyuk, a recent candidate for the California State Assembly, has been committed to family, community, and public service throughout his life.  Beginning with his military service as a young man, Mr. Kotyuk served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Bataan.  He graduated from CSUSB San Bernardino with a B.A. Business and received a IMCA certificate from The Wharton School of Business.  Mr. Kotyuk owns and operates two businesses in San Jacinto, Alpha Wealth Management, LLC and SoCal Propane, LLC.  He and his family are residents of San Jacinto where his three children attend local schools. 

Mr. Kotyuk has been elected and re-elected to the City Council since 2010 following campaigns on topics such as preserving San Jacinto's history, heritage and traditions, increasing public safety, improving quality of life for families and seniors, reducing homelessness, empowering the Latino voice, increasing youth activities, maintaining agriculture, and balancing the budget.  He fought to bring back the tradition to light the S on North Mountain.  He has been a strong proponent of forging partnerships with Soboba and the School District.  In the past, he took a strong stance against closing City parks and Fire Station 78, and worked hard to find solutions without raising taxes ultimately resolving these issues with successful grant applications and lowering utility and maintenance costs.  During his time on City Council, San Jacinto has risen to level of being recognized as one of the most financially sound cities in the State of California.  

He has been a strong proponent for growth and change.  Having a keen interest in all things related to highway expansions, new restaurants and retail establishments, and increasing the City's population.  Mr. Kotyuk serves on the Watermaster committee, as well as various regional boards such as the Riverside County Transportation Commission, and he is Chairman of the Board of the Central County United Way.
Councilman Kotyuk speaking with 3 adults