Job Descriptions

The City employs workers with various skill sets and experience in different fields. Click on any of the links below to read about the type of work that is done at the City of San Jacinto.  These are not job openings.  To view our current openings, please click here.

City Clerk's Office

City Clerk
City Clerk Technician
Deputy City Clerk
Records Clerk

City Manager's Office & Economic Development

Assistant to the City Manager
City Manager
Deputy City Manager
Economic Development & Special Projects Administrator
Program Coordinator, Community Outreach

Community Development

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Clerk 1
Administrative Clerk 2
Administrative Clerk 3
Associate Planner
Assistant Planner
Building Inspector 1
Sr. Building Inspector
Code Enforcement Officer I/II
Code Enforcement Supervisor
Community Development Assistant
Community Development Clerk
Community Development Manager
Development Services Technician I/II
Planning & Community Development Director
Planning Manager
Senior Planner


Account Clerk 1
Account Clerk 2
Account Clerk 3
Accountant I-II
Finance Analyst
Finance Director
Senior Accountant

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources
Human Resources Sr. Technician

Innovation & Technology

Information Service Manager
GIS Coordinator
Innovation & Technology Analyst 

Dept of Utilities

Chief of Public Utilities
Administrative Analyst
Administrative Assistant
Landscape & Irrigation Inspector
Lead Worker - Parks
Lead Worker - Storm Water
Lead Worker - Streets
Lead Worker - Wastewater
Lead Worker - Water Distribution
Maintenance Worker I/II 
Management Analyst
Waste Water Coll Sys Oper I-II
Water Distribution Operator I/II
Water Production Operator I/II
Water Utilities Supervisor