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The City of San Jacinto welcomes you to its business community. Starting a business can be exciting and challenging - our staff is ready to help.  We wish you great success in this new venture! 

How Do I Know If I Need A Business License?
Whether your business is based in San Jacinto or outside the City,  you are required to obtain a license when conducting any business activity within the City of San Jacinto. 

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 You can now pay your business license renewal ONLINE!  Click "Pay Your Renewal" below, select "Business License" under payment type and follow the prompts.  (This portal is for renewals only.  Use the "Start" button above to apply for a new business license.)

If you have a question on the balance due or are renewing a license that has expired, please contact the business license department using the contact information provided on this page.

Compliance information for the 
Gender Tax Repeal Act of 1995 
is available in:

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