Streets Department

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Streets Department

The Streets department is responsible for maintaining the public roadways throughout the City limits. Maintenance includes small road repairs like pothole filling, crack sealing, and small paving jobs. The street crew also repairs curb, gutter, and sidewalk areas, including street signs replacements and clean-up of illegal dumping on rights-of-way.

To confirm if a street is part of the City limits, please refer to the Riverside Online Road Book "Online Road Book" (

Report an issue

  • Damaged or missing signs
  • Illegal dumping
  • Street and sidewalk repair
  • Streetlight outage

Main line: 951-487-7330, Option 5

Email address: [email protected]

Web-portal: Citizen Request - City of San Jacinto, CA (

Pothole reporting: 951-487-7382

Street sweeping: contact CR&R at 951-943-1991 or visit their webpage City of San Jacinto – Street Sweeping - CR&R Environmental Services (

Traffic signal outage: Riverside County customer service 951-955-3313 or visit their website               

Highway 79 (San Jacinto Avenue), north of Ramona Expressway, is maintained by CalTrans. Please contact CalTrans at 909-383-4631 or visit their website         

Gilman Spring Road is maintained by the County of Riverside. Please contact the County at 951-955-3313 or visit their website

Preston Sullens
Public Utilities Superintendent
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Public Utilities
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270 Bissell Place
San Jacinto, CA 92582

Monday - Thursday   *   8am - 5pm
Closed Fridays & Holidays

P (951) 487-7330 Option 5
F (951) 487-7382