Social Media

The City of San Jacinto has a strong social media presence and residents are encouraged to connect with the City online. Questions by residents via social media accounts are answered promptly (generally within 24 business hours), taken seriously, and have proven to be a great resource in solving problems and spreading City related news. If you are experiencing an emergency please contact 911. During council meetings that are streamed via Vimeo or Facebook comments are not moderated and anyone that wishes to speak or make a public comment should contact the City Clerk to sign up via proper procedures. 

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Social Media Policy Information

Comments/ Messages/ Interactions

  1. Comments, messages, and interactions from the public are welcome on social media sites. City staff will monitor
    comments. The City of San Jacinto has the right to remove the following types of comments at
    its sole discretion:

    a. Obscene language
    b. Personal attacks of any kind
    c. Comments or content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on
    the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, genetics,
    status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental
    disability, sexual orientation, or sexual identity
    d. Spam or unrelated links to other sites
    e. Comments that advocate illegal activity
    f. Comments that infringe on copyrights or trademark
    g. Comments that provide personally identifiable medical or financial information
    h. Information that may compromise the safety, security, or proceedings of public
    systems, any criminal or civil investigations, or any member of staff.
    i. Repeat violators may be banned from participating on City social media
  2. It is not permitted to use City content, logos, and the official City seal without expressed approval on other posts, please contact staff for permission.

Facebook's profanity filter is enabled on all pages and will automatically hide comments that contain any vulgar or inappropriate words that are included in the filter. All comments posted on the City’s social media accounts are subject to that social media platform’s terms of service and may be removed by that social media platform for violation of its terms. The City, or City Staff do not manage City Council or City officials personal/ campaign pages.