Instant Solar Permit

Instant Solar Permits Now Available through SolarAPP+

Solar installation contractors are now able to apply for the City's new Instant Solar Permit by utilizing SolarAPP+, an automated online portal for permitting new residential rooftop solar and storage systems.  SolarAPP+ helps streamline the permitting process by instantly issuing a solar permit for code-compliant systems.

The Instant Solar Permit is only for use by contractors registered with SolarAPP+ and accommodates roof-mounted solar photovoltaic panel installations with or without an energy storage system.  A main electrical service upgrade can be added to the Instant Solar Permit.  To see which systems are eligible, refer to the SolarAPP+ Eligibility Checklist.  Only those systems included in the lists are eligible for this type of permit.

For questions, email the City of San Jacinto Building Division.

Steps for Obtaining an Instant Solar Permit