Community Facilities District 2003-1

CFD for Fire & Safety

Police Department LogoCommunity Facilities District # 2003-1 is a Public Safety Special Tax District, formed in 2003 under the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982 for the purpose of providing funds for police and fire in new developments. CFD # 2003-1 was created in November 2003 in response to a public safety funding crisis in view of a rapidly growing residential base without any significant growth projection in retail sales to help off-set the projected increase in costs of police and fire services needed for an increased population.

During 2003, a financial impact study was completed that analyzed the shortfall of revenue projected compared to the budget needed to fund the projected growth in the police and fire protection to accommodate the projected growth in the City's population through build out. The projected police protection cost was based on 1.0 police officer/per 1,000 population. The projected fire protection was based on growing the current one (1) fire station to (3) fire stations plus a ladder company. A lengthy review process was done that included input by land owners and the development community.

On November 6, 2003, City Council adopted Resolution 2484 establishing CFD # 2003-1, a Police and Fire Special Tax on all new developments in the City of San Jacinto. This established a maximum initial annual:Fire Department Logo

Special Tax A: $350 per SFR, $262.50 per apartment unit, $0.119/ per SF of non-retail/commercial floor area due on annual property tax roll, and a one time,

Special Tax B: $600 per SFR, $450 per apartment unit,$0.204/ per SF of non-retail/commercial floor area due at building permit issuance.

Please refer to the annual district report for the current year annual and one time amounts.

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Areas located within the CFD Infill boundary are typically not subject to annexation into the CFD 2003-1. Please reference Municipal Code 15.08.015 for details.

CFD Infill Area Map