Community Facilities District 2020-1

The City Council of the City of San Jacinto (the “City”) established Community Facilities District No. 2020-1 (the “District”) pursuant to the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982, commencing with Section 53311 of the Government Code of the State of California (the “Act”).  The District replaces LLPD2, CFD 2017-1, CFD 2018-1, and AD 2003-1; meaning future development will annex only into the CFD 2020-1 for maintenance of public facilities. 

The types of facilities and services provided and financed by the District include maintenance of landscaped areas, parkways, medians and public right-of-ways, including, but not limited to, street trees, fencing, irrigation systems, sidewalks, drainage systems, graffiti removal, replacement, furnishing of water, electric current or energy, gas, streetlights, traffic signals and appurtenant facilities, including, but not limited to furnishing of electric current, materials, contracted services, and the necessary maintenance, replacement, and repair required to keep the improvements in operational and satisfactory condition and any other services authorized under the Act.

Duration and Tax Escalation Factor
The Special Tax shall be levied and collected annually within the District, as needed, to fund the Services, in perpetuity.  A factor equal to the annual change in the April to April Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario CPI-U Index, up to a maximum factor of 5%, will be applied annually to increase the Maximum Special Tax rates.


FY 23/24
FY 22/23
FY 21/22
FY 20/21