Ignite San Jacinto provides the opportunity for City staff to apply for grants to bring funding and partnerships through grants that bring programming and initiatives to life. This is a list of current grants the City of San Jacinto is applying for, has applied for, or grant information that has been awarded to the City. 

Submitted/ Waiting for Response: 

ESV-CV2 Grant

The City of San Jacinto has finalized and submitted for funding from this grant to hire and retain staff or an organization for the purpose of street outreach. 

Awarded: $227,821
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Prop 68: Envision Sallee Park 

The City of San Jacinto applied for the Per Capita Program (PCP) and the competitive Statewide Park Program (SPP) grant in 2019. Through the PCP grant, the City was granted funding to proceed with the Envision Sallee Park project. Come back soon for more updates.

The Prop 68 competitive grant was not awarded for round 3, staff will continue to apply for competitive grants. 

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