Carpool Facility

The City's carpool parking facility is now open to the public!  The lot is located north of the San Jacinto Library, on the corner of Fifth St. and San Jacinto Ave.  Carpooling and ride-sharing provide many advantages, including:  

  • Helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Save money with shared travel costs
  • Prolongs the life of your vehicle by limiting the wear and tear of daily driving
  • Reduces traffic
  • Saves time when driving in HOV designated lanes
  • Potential financial tax incentives offered by some employers (ask your employer if they have a carpool program)
  • Reduce stress by reading, listening to music or simply relaxing when not driving

For more tips and information on the benefits of carpooling and ride-sharing, visit  Let's help each other and make a difference! 



Parking lot